What Sweet Amanda's Can Do

Why have Sweet Amanda’s in your location?

Whether you own or operate a Mall, Cinema, Airport, University, Casino, Resort, Stadium, FEC, Retail Store, or other high-trafficked location, having a Sweet Amanda’s Kiosk...
  • Transforms your venue into a point of consumer excitement and makes your site a Point of Destination.
  • Modernizes your venue with the most cutting edge and highly appealing fixture.
  • Turns your vacant space into a high-margin profit center.
  • Eliminates virtually all your on-site labor costs.
  • Transforms your bulk candy experience into a modern-day sanitary and portion controlled environment.
  • Eliminates spoilage and pilferage costs.
  • Offers your customers the largest selection of bulk candy in a fully automated environment.
  • Enables you to sell other hard goods such as T-shirts and novelties in our Capsule Delivery System.
  • Conveniently satisfies your patron’s shopping experience leaving them with a positive memory of your venue.
I have only used this Kiosk once, but it has changed my life. I love it so much. It is amazing! Julie S.

High School Sophmore, New Jersey

Sweet Amanda’s performs very well at our location! We have been thrilled with revenues generated! General Manager NASCAR SpeedPark

Smoky Mountains, TN